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Dec 22

Happy Holidays From Bywater

By The Bywater Team

This past year has been most exciting and fulfilling for all of us at Bywater. In addition to adding two great new members to our own team, our work has seen steady expansion due to the tremendous growth in Bywater’s development of strategic partnerships. Our valued partners in these partnerships cut across a wide range of professional disciplines, and include non-profit and for-profit development organizations, governmental entities, an array of community-based interests, and several financial institutions. In addition, we continue to optimize our effectiveness by cultivating strong working relationships with teams of highly skilled and capable professionals and practitioners from across the country. We wish to thank all of our partners, development team member professionals, and all those that add such great value to our efforts. Without you, our affordable housing and community development endeavors would not be as creative and effective. It is our hope that you all have a great and well-deserved holiday season.

The Bywater team is looking forward to working with each of you in the year ahead and we have the highest optimism that we will share many successes and accomplishments. We wish you all a prosperous, productive and happy 2015.

Kindest regards,
 The Bywater Team