Housing Development

Bywater specializes in the planning, financing, and production of high-quality affordable and mixed-income housing developments that help transform communities and neighborhoods into better, stronger, and more sustainable places to live, work, and play. As a Developer, we manage the entire process of planning, financing, implementing, leasing/selling and operating residential real estate developments. This multi-discipline process requires a wide array of skills and expertise, including real estate acquisition, municipal process management, financial structuring, debt/equity negotiations, and ngaging and managing strong third-party development teams for design, construction, engineering, legal, accounting and property management. Our team is expert in the structuring and administration of tax credit financing programs and other public/private financing tools that can be used to finance housing and community development initiatives that create great places to live for families and seniors, and establish positive anchors in the communities in which they are located. We have the expertise, strength, and capacity to serve as the stand-alone Developer of such initiatives-and are also experienced in creating positive and effective partnering models working together as co-developers with other partners, including non-profit, for-profit and governmental entities.

Development Consulting

If your project needs full turnkey services to take your development from initial concept to completion, or if your needs call for a specialized engagement aimed at addressing specific limited-scope development tasks, Bywater can address your development consulting needs. We can work with you to arrive at a scope of services that addresses your specific development requirements, and work quickly and efficiently to achieve them. Whether your project is large or small, Bywater can be a trusted and proven source of help.

Non-Profit Development Consulting

Bywater offers a full range of development consulting services to CDCs and other non-profit organizations. We are attuned to the unique opportunities and challenges managed by non-profits, and we can work with you to find efficient ways to achieve your community development goals. As with all of our consulting work, we can work with you to develop the right scope of services to meet your development-related goals. Bywater’s principals have extensive experience with community development initiatives emanating from the non-profit sector. Because of this experience, we are able to assist non-profit clients while helping their staff and representatives build their development capacity. We also offer development planning, strategic planning and other capacity building services to non-profits focused on affordable housing and community revitalization.

Governmental Consulting

The Bywater team specializes in working with municipalities and other governmental entities to address their affordable housing needs. From planning and implementing new developments aimed at meeting your current housing needs, to taking on complex projects that help catalyze neighborhood revitalization, to addressing troubled apartment complexes—Bywater can help. As in all of our consulting engagements, we strive to be a strong and effective partner, and to work hard to meet the goals that you establish for your community.

Financial Industry Consulting

The Bywater team can provide an array of services for banks and other financial institutions, particularly with respect to troubled or non-performing real estate assets. Bywater can develop and implement strategic financing, capital improvement, and marketing plans that can effectively reposition troubled properties, returning them to financial health, and making them marketable and livable—and elevating the property’s status as a community asset. The Bywater team is creative and skilled in structuring work-out scenarios that maximize benefits to all parties involved.

For more information on Bywater’s services contact:

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